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    AGLOCO - Own the Internet

    Posted by CJCM on November 24th, 2006 | EMail This Post


    I am not sure if you have heard of AGLOCO. With the internet at work, I am not surprised if a lot of you may already have been told about ‘Owning the Internet’.

    What is it?
    AGLOCO is a company that pays you to surf the web. But that company is actually owned by you. How is that? You joined AGLOCO for free, download a Viewbar and install it on your PC and continue surfing as usual. You can earn credit hours up to 5 hours. AGLOCO is currently in the process of being listed in a stock exchange. So when it does, you can convert your credit hours into shares, which if course has cash values. So thats how in principal yopu can earn money wioth AGLOGO.

    Who is behind AGLOCO?
    AGLOCO is the brainchild of Carl Anderson, an AllAdvantage co-founder and now a hedge-fund manager, and Dave Pidwell, a venture partner at Alloy Partners and an early investor of AllAdvantage. There are 8-founding members of AGLOCO altogether, all graduated from Stanford MBA business school.

    How Much Do I Get Paid?
    As I have said, currently, you can only earn credit hours for surfing with the Viewbar active. If it is not active or minimized, you dont earn credit hours. How much you can earn depends how much credit hours you have converted to shares which of course depend also on the value of the shares at any particular time you are evaluating your worth.

    Can I Start Earning Credit Hours Now?
    Unfortunately NO. The Viewbar is at the beta testing stage by some volunteers. Once it is ready, AGLOCO will inform all members and the Viewbar will be ready for download.

    So No Viewbar Yet, What The Heck Am I Doing?
    Making money on the internet is about getting as many people as possible to join you. Build up your down lines. Thats what you do. You refer to as many people as possible to join under your referral links. Your referrals in turn refer their friends to join. You will earn credit hours for referring up to 5 levels deep, but you can go as wide as you can. So when the Viewbar is ready, you are also ready to maximize your earning. If you dont start referring now. others will. By the time you want to do it, maybe almost everybody interested is already part of AGLOCO. You dont want to be in that position, do you?

    Is This Pyramid Scheme?
    Structure wise, yes. But that is where the similarity ends. Pyramid schemes ask people to pay money to be shared by people at the upper level. AGLOCO doesn’t ask you to pay a single cents. Instead it pays you, as a shareholder of the company.

    How Does AGLOCO Make Money?
    AGLOCO makes money by selling advertising on the Viewbar. The Viewbar collects information about your surfing behaviour, and deliver targeted advertisements that you may be interested in.

    Is This Spyware?
    I’d say anything that analyses your surfing habit is spyware..but with your consent. If you dont consent, don’t join AGLOCO. Is that simple. However, if you consent, but you get paid for it in cash and shares. But remember, Google also delivers targeted ads based on what you are surfing. Do you consent? Do you consider that spying? You decide.

    How Do I Get Started.
    You can join AGLOCO by following this referral link. Remember..AGLOCO is a referral link. So the link already has my referral ID. When you joined, you will have your own ID which you can use to refer your friends. If for any reason you have to enter referral ID manually, my referral ID is BBBB6503.
    You can read more info about AGLOCO once you click the link above.

    Still Not Convinced?
    Well I only have these to say…. If the system works, which I and lots of other people (minus the sceptical ones), you have everything to gain, but if it doesn’t, you have nothing to loose.
    You can read more about AGLOCO here.

    AGLOCO Viewbar

    Good luck.

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