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I am Tagged by Wendy Piersall

Posted by CJCM on December 1st, 2006 | EMail This Post

I am completely off guard….. I just came back from work and head straight to my PC after dinner and guess what, I had an email from Wendy that says “You’ve been tagged. :)

What the heck being tagged “mean”? I have never heard of this game before so I immediately clicked on the link in the email and when I got to eMom’s homepage…. I just burst out laughing …. Girls just want to have fun!!! And since they are having fun, I’d join them as well.

CJCM being taggedSo here is my photo, as is. Why do I look like that? Because I have been tagged by wicked Wendy Piersall, who is probably well asleep when I am writing this post. Wendy is an eMom at Home, not alone, but with her computer who has been blogging her way to success. Recently she had achieved another great milestone in her life as she was certified as an NLP Practitioner and currently actively pursuing a carreer in NLP practice as well as keep blogging at eMomsAtHome.

Who ever started this tagging game….. you are genius but I am not sure I want to be tagged when I am around the house with no t-shirt on… LOL LOL!!!

Now that I can appreciate how much fun this game can be for tagged bloggers and readers, the game must continue… and I have to tag another 5 bloggers. Colbert, LiewCF, Svetlana, Alang and Delta…. I hope today is not a bad day for you, because you have been tagged. What does it mean? You have to take a picture of yours RIGHT NOW, AS IS, and post it on your blog. Then tag the next 5 ‘unlucky’ bloggers that you want to see “as is”. Then tell us WHY you look like that (in your photo), and say something about the person that ‘tagged’ you.
Happy tagging everyone! LOL

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  1. colbert Says:

    cool game. thanks

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